I welcomed a friend to our café the other day, and as she was shrugging off her coat she grumbled, “I had such a tough time getting here today; it took me way longer than usual.” I responded, “Ouch, I am sorry to hear that; did you have a lot of traffic on I-95?” She …

The End of Specialization

Must the only way we achieve success in our selected domain or craft be by knowing more and more about less and less? It is true there has been increased specialization in many academic and professional fields: science, medicine, law, and business over the last fifty years. But empirical scar tissue shows this has not …

I relish our work with seasoned, successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers. In addition to highly entertaining story material, there are unlimited opportunities for “using the mind to watch our minds;” what psychologists call metacognition. The revelations that unfold seem inexhaustible. One emerging question I have been thinking about is why some EOMs I meet achieve unheard-of levels …

“Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again”. Graeme Wood See, I never intended to write this post. In fact, I’ve been thinking about and writing on a completely different topic (you’ll see), and I really had intended to post that—not this. But after spending a couple of …

Six Things
You Can Do
Right Now

  • Enterprising business owners will find a wealth of useful advice in If You Want to Earn a Capital Gain Someday: Six Things You Can Do Right Now (2015), a new book from the partners of Bigelow LLC (Pete Worrell, Dave Linton, and Rob MacLeod) that has just been published by Blue Tree.
  • This practical, hands-on book is filled with nuggets of information—and recommendations—from veterans of the private transaction market that any private business owner will be able to put to immediate use.
  • Each chapter concludes with a compilation of thoughtful, focusing questions designed to inspire interested Entrepreneur Owner-Managers (EOMs) to discover their own answers.


  • Published by McGraw-Hill in 2014, this work vividly describes lessons learned from working with the best seasoned successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers (EOMs) creating sustaining wealth and positive legacy—at the intersection of Finance and Psychology.
  • This work is based on established foundational theory in finance, economics, and positive psychology, coupled with the authors' years of experience working exclusively with hundreds of seasoned, successful EOMs—industry disruptors and game changers.
  • You might enjoy this "video book trailer", (analogous to a movie trailer). It speaks to a number of themes and concepts discussed in the book Enterprise Value. View the trailer here.