Why Are We Captivated With Grit?

A podcast of a live interview with Dr. Angela Duckworth the author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.


“Some people just magnify your spirit, and Angela is definitely one of those.”

This month at Private Enterprise Value we are really mixing it up and trying something a little different. Why? Well to me, comfort is overrated. But more because I am thrilled to share with you an interesting and fun conversation I had last month with my friend Angela Duckworth. Angela is a gifted thinker, a Professor of Psychology at Penn, a thought leader in the science of peak achievement, and the New York Times best-selling author of Grit. We had a wide-ranging live conversation recorded at this year’s annual Bigelow Forum on September 16, 2016 that you can listen to in the link below.

Our conversation was spontaneous, candid, and unscripted. While I had an idea of directionally what themes I was intending to surface, Angela did not know what the questions would be in advance and (clearly) we did not rehearse. There are a couple of surprises. You’ll hear her terrific and insightful thoughts, and you’ll see I let her run (what could be better).

In this brief, thought-provoking podcast (link below), you’ll hear me ask (and Angela answer):

» Specifically, what nouns does she use as self-descriptors?
» What is it about her personal background or upbringing that inspired her to study Grit?
» What the heck is the real story behind Marty Seligman accusing her of not having a good idea in two years?
» Who does Angela personally consider to be “thought leaders” for her?
» What thinking or reading is “pushing” her right now?
» How does she think about the relationship between habit and achievement?
» What are Angela’s best habits personally?
» We tried a thought experiment: if she woke tomorrow and magically it was ten years from now, what would she be working on?
» As a “Giver,” does she get depleted? If so, how does she get replenished, refreshed, rejuvenated?
» Why does Angela think about death so much?
» What’s the worst advice she hears people giving about Grit?
» While Grit is clearly correlated with achievement, is Grit compatible with fulfillment?

My goal with Private Enterprise Value is to lift all of us up by helping to see how other successful achievers strive to uncontainably think, learn, and grow across interesting domains.  If readers/followers of PEV like this medium and find it useful, I may post other podcasts of live interviews with interesting seasoned, successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers who candidly share their stories, scar tissue, and life lessons about building Positive Legacy and Enterprise Value.

Hope you enjoy it.

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