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HOW IS IT THAT SOME PRIVATELY OWNED BUSINESSES END UP with terrific new majority owners, the Entrepreneur Owner-Managers (EOMs) moving gracefully into the next interesting and rewarding chapter of their lives, surrounded by friends, their positive legacy assured, their independence powered by the fortune just realized...while others' outcomes look more like a train wreck? Is it merely luck, or is it more than that?

We think it's more than that. Successfully striving for achievement, and ultimately fulfillment, leaves clues. Deconstructing the behavior of the highest performing EOMs lets us learn a lot about peak performance and optimal experience.

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It’s one of the themes we are most fearful of, right? We create, build, work—in some cases all our lives—to build positive legacy and enterprise value in our organizations. And most of us want to continue to unlock our personal and professional potential. To move confidently into the next chapter, and transform our life’s work …

This month at Private Enterprise Value we are kicking off an experiment to regularly deliver you some thought-provoking interviews with some of the most interesting and successful for-profit and not-for-profit Entrepreneur Owner-Managers you’ll ever meet.

How fast do you learn? Perhaps a more fitting question is: how fast do you un-learn? Why does it matter? Every single person reading these words was trained in, and trained for, an environment that no longer exists. We thought we were participants in an Industrial Age bureaucratic system and we trained to win that …

Six Things
You Can Do
Right Now

  • Enterprising business owners will find a wealth of useful advice in If You Want to Earn a Capital Gain Someday: Six Things You Can Do Right Now (2015), a new book from the partners of Bigelow LLC (Pete Worrell, Dave Linton, and Rob MacLeod) that has just been published by Blue Tree.
  • This practical, hands-on book is filled with nuggets of information—and recommendations—from veterans of the private transaction market that any private business owner will be able to put to immediate use.
  • Each chapter concludes with a compilation of thoughtful, focusing questions designed to inspire interested Entrepreneur Owner-Managers (EOMs) to discover their own answers.


  • Published by McGraw-Hill in 2014, this work vividly describes lessons learned from working with the best seasoned successful Entrepreneur Owner-Managers (EOMs) creating sustaining wealth and positive legacy—at the intersection of Finance and Psychology.
  • This work is based on established foundational theory in finance, economics, and positive psychology, coupled with the authors' years of experience working exclusively with hundreds of seasoned, successful EOMs—industry disruptors and game changers.
  • You might enjoy this "video book trailer", (analogous to a movie trailer). It speaks to a number of themes and concepts discussed in the book Enterprise Value. View the trailer here.